How To Make A Vision Board

How To Make A Vision Board

In this 3 post series of Manifesting 2018, you’ll learn how to make a Vision Board and a Vision Book and how to manifest it into your life. Both have the same concept, just a different twist. It’s up to your own personal preference on how you want to plan your year.

Let’s be honest, 2017 has been a crazy mix of emotions for many of us, in our world and/or personal life. Either way, did you know that we have the power to control what goes on in our lives starting TODAY?

A vision board/book is a great tool to visualize what you want for the future. It gives you a clear picture, literally, to direct your focus on exactly what you want your goals to be. You’ll be able to think about the steps needed to bring those goals to life. 


Let’s begin:

Vision Board:

  • First write down everything you want to achieve for 2018. Make sure you have a poster board or cork board, scissors, and glue or thumbtacks.
  • Find images online or in magazines that relate to the list you wrote down. Basically anything visual. If you wrote down a certain amount of money you want, then write yourself a check of that exact amount. If you want a specific car, find a picture of that car. You can also find inspirational quotes as well.
  • Once you printed, written, and/or cut out your images, create your vision board. It can be anyway that feels right to you whether it be in a collage form or more spread apart.
  • Hang it up in an area that you will be able to see everyday. Believe that all of your goals on your board are real, act as if you already have what you desire. Once you feel the happiness that comes with thinking about your success being in the now, those vibes will manifest. With work, dedication, patience, and faith, you’ll start to see marvelous things happen in your life!
How To Make A Vision Board

Vision Board Example


And there you go! Pretty simple right? Now go and plan the best year you will have in your entire life!