How To Make A Vision Book

How To Make A Vision Book

How to make a Vision Book:

In this 3 post series of Manifesting 2018, you’ll learn how to make a Vision Book  in this post and how to manifest it into your life. Both a Vision Board and Vision Book have the same concept, just a different twist. It’s up to your own personal preference on how you want to plan your year. Check out our recent Daily Inspiration on how to make a Vision Board!

Here we go:

Vision Book:

  • First write down everything you want to achieve for 2018. Make sure you have a blank notebook/journal of your choice, scissors, and glue or tape.
  • Find images online or in magazines that relate to the list you wrote down. Basically anything visual. If you wrote down a certain amount of money you want, then write yourself a check of that exact amount. If you want a specific car, find a picture of that car. You can also find inspirational quotes as well.
  • Once you printed, written, and/or cut out your images, you’ll be able to start on your first page. If owning your own home is a goal, paste/tape the home of your dreams. Write next to it exactly what you want in your dream home. If you really want to get deep in the deets, you can use the next few pages to put in your dream bedroom, kitchen, backyard, etc. Make sure you be specific on exactly how you want everything to be.
  • Make a habit to add one goal into your book. The key is to go through it everyday and feel as if you already have achieved that goal. If that means telling yourself out loud “Wow, my house is so beautiful!” and believing in it, that good feeling will begin to manifest. If you have that in your mind everyday, the universe will respond! Just keep believing until you really have it.
  • Finally, make sure to always refer back to your book to refresh your mind with the visual representation of your goals! Remember, with work, dedication, patience, and faith, you’ll start to see marvelous things happen in your life!

Example of A Vision Book